SQL LOCALDB does not start in utlity or SSMS.

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SQl LocalDB MSSQLLOCALDB stopped working.   I have a vb.net program that has been running for months on a windows 10 4gb ram i5 laptop.  For some strange reason, it can no longer connect to the local database on that machine.

What i have tried.  
Using the sql utility i went to a command promt checked if MSSQLLOCALDB was there(it was) i stopped the instance, restarted the instance, still doesn't work
I then deleted the instance recreated it it again showed up (sqllocaldb i) when i try to start it i get an error message that says That sql cannot connect start fails.

I then deleted SQl Localdb from the control panel and reloaded it.  Again shows up won't start.  
i have searched and tried as many ideas found on the internet as i could.  I also cannot find the localDB in SSMS.  If i type it in the connect box it doesn't find it.
Any ideas?
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The 1st thing you need to check is the ports on the local computer.
Make sure that is enabled on the Firewall to pass thru and if not, just try disabling the firewall and see if that's the cause.

if it is you need to turn it on again and allow the app to go thru the firewall and open the required ports.

We don't know the version of the localdb, but probably will 2012, https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/4609.troubleshoot-sql-server-2012-express-localdb.aspx

The others version will have similar steps to troubleshoot them.


Version is 2014 express that is why it is MSSQLLOCALDB  2012 has a different instance probably LOcalDB\V11.00 .

i disabled the firewall , disabled virus protection, uninstalled re-installed, ran the utility all to no avail.  This is very wierd.  
SSMS does not see it but it shows up under the cmd prompt SQLLOCALDB i  as MSSQLLOCALDB.  if i try to start it there it fails.

I am truly stuck
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Did it break following the windows 10 update.
Application log, service start, ehat and why it says it'd sinks to start or exits?

Check the Windows.old location for the db files......


Thanks i will check out the windows.old files.  this machine is 3000 miles away i have to log in when it is available get back to you.

you do understand that the clients database is irrelevant in this scenerio.  SSMS cannot connect to the local instance at all.  

interestingly, the actual database shows the sql logos next to the MDF and LDF files, but i can't connect to the local server to use it.

Thanks for the help.

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