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How do I create a new SA level user in SQL server 2012?
I need a new user that has admin access on every database.

I have created my new user:  web_admin.

When I try and assign the db_owner membership I get an error.

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ste5anSenior Developer

A "web admin" must never have sysadmin privileges. The past has shown that this is a problematic attack vector.
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

That's beacuse it's already there as an owner.
Database Analyst
From the Login Properties window you are in you can just click the "Server Roles" on the left pane and check "sysadmin" box then hit OK OR by running the SQL code below via SSMS being connected with sufficient rights to do so:
EXEC master..sp_addsrvrolemember @loginame = N'web_admin', @rolename = N'sysadmin'

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However...as Stefan mentioned above - do you really, really need and want a "web_admin" SQL login to be "God" in your SQL server? If is a mandatory requirement for whatever odd reason you should keep safe FULL + T-Log backups because you may need them sooner than you think.

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