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I have Windows Server 2016 running Hyper-V server with about 10 virtual machines.. As far as backup is concerned, I have used Windows Server Backup in the past and recently installed NAKIIVO backup software; therefore, I am running two backup programs. NAKIVO backup starts around 6PM and ends fairly quickly because it only backed up changes. On the other hand, Windows server backup starts at 11:30PM and always ends around 5:30AM because it can't seem to backup "changes" only.
At this point, I like to stop Windows Server Backup unless there is a compelling reason to keep it going. It seems redundant for me, but perhaps there are some benefits?

Thanks in advance.
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I haven't used Nakivo backup (frankly, never heard of it).  But I do use and REALLY like Altaro and would strongly recommend it.

I wouldn't bother with Windows Backup if you any other backup program that works.  

Do you test backups?  That's VITAL.

In addition, I use Hyper-V replication to replicate to a second server for added DR ability.


  I am using Altaro "FREE" version to back up two virtual machines in another Hyper-V server and I like that product.
  NAKIVO is another competing backup product but it is the most cost effective among VEEAM, ALTARO and NAKIVO.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Our preference is for Veeam as far as backing up the guests go. It works well and is reliable. Never heard of Nakivo.


I think it was @Andrew who suggested Nakivo when I was searching for less expensive virtual machine backup software.

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