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We have 6 hosts and 40 virtual servers running on ESXi. Each host has 2 processors with 16 cores each. total of 32 cores per server.

3000 clients

we will deploy SCCM and SCOM only

which option should I go for. System Center standard or datacenter. for my situation how will be the calculation.

Datacenter: I understand that it will cover unlimited VM's. and i need to buy 12 datacenter licenses. do I need to buy sccm client ML if I buy datacenter?

For Standard what should I buy.

appreciate if this can be answered today.
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3000 users or 3000 computers?
Yes you need to buy managment licenses


3000 computers


I would like to just rephrase my question.
6 hosts and all servers licenses with window 2016 datacenter licenses. So my OS licenses are covered with this.

Now I will be installing System center for my environment.
1 SCCM server to manage 40 servers OS(VM’s)   and 3000 clients.
1 SCOM Management server to manage 40 server OS (VM)
Assuming I will run both the SCCM Server and the SCOM servers on the same physical host.
1.       Is I enough if I buy one system center license.
2.      Considering my sceneries should I go for a standard or Datacenter license?
3.      SCCM licenses are covered with client ML licenses.How will the SCOM agent installed on the 40 servers covered.
Appreciate a quick reply
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6 x System Center Datacenter Licenses. (1 per host).  Don't forget you also will need SQL Server Licenses. Datacenter covers all VM's on the Server. You also have to take into consideration the number of cores on the 6 servers
A minimum of 8 core licenses is required for each physical processor in the server and a minimum of 16 core licenses required for each server.


The servers that are being monitored will ultimately be agents right. do I have to license the host on which for example running a domain controller or a dhcp server with an scom agent and I license the complete host?.

This is being debated and challenged. so just want to be sure.

a quick reply is appreciated.
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the host tells you the total # of cores available all must be licensed
datacenter will license all Server 0S VM's on that particular server

for instance
Server 1 = 2 x 8 cores = 1 Datacenter License
Server 2 = 4 x 8 cores = 1 Datacenter License = 40 Total Cores - 16 = 24 /2 = 12 core packs
Server 3 = 2 x 10 Cores = 1 Datacenter license  = 20 total cores - 16 = 4/2 =     2 core packs

CMLS: Client Management Licenses (CML) are required for managed devices that run non-server OSEs. CMLs are available on a per OSE or per user basis

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