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understand wireless Network setup.

understand wireless Network setup.

I would like to understand in the Nutshell  how comapnies setup Wirless network

I believe you Need a wireless controller, Wireless Controller will be connected to you existng Wired LAN switches, if you plan to give access from Wireless Network to Wired and vice-versa.

Then comes the Access Point part, I believe you need to  configure Access points to connect wirelessly to the Wireless Controller.

If I am missing any step, please correct me.

Tahnk you
Wireless Networking

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There's many way of deploying with or without wireless controllers. Ideally, if you have many access points you would want controllers as a central point of management. Access points at some point would need to connect to wired lan switches and yes, wireless lan controllers connect to switches.

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Just one floor , pretty big floor though, which means we might need to use several access points

Depends on a lot of things. ITguy's answer touched into a lot of it.

But regardless, you should always do a wireless survey. Understand where your interference and weak spots are, and plan appropriately.

  • Figure out how many wireless networks you need. A lot of places run 2, one for corporate, one for guests. Only cover areas that need to be covered (i.e. if you had a warehouse wireless network, does it make sense to be broadcasting it outside of the warehouse?
  • Security requirements. You may want a captive portal and force users to sign in via AD authentication. Another option could be that you want certificate based authentication. Some of these answers depend on the knowledge of the IT organization.
  • Compatibility/integration. You may have a requirement that your APs can integrate with certain other pieces of infrastructure.
  • Budget/support - How much are you willing to spend, and how much support are you looking for from the vendor?

The way a lot of organizations have been going is the deployment of controllers for management of the APs being deployed (this allows for quicker updates and deployments). Many times, the controllers are hardware devices, but they don't have to be. Ubiquiti is one maker where the controller is actually software.
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Way too many possibilities  exist on how to set up a company network.  It goes well beyond just wireless surveys, user counts, and apps.  

Give us some basics and we can point you in the right direction.  

1. How many geographic locations?

2. How many users at those locations?  

3. How many servers?

4.  Will servers/data be shared across geographic locations?  

5. Will users have Internet access?  

6. Will any servers need Internet access?  

7.  Any public (web / FTP / etc) servers?  

8 What is the mix of local users connecting via Ethernet, WiFi?  

9. Do you have remote users or customers?  

10 Do remote folks need to access internal or external servers (or both)

11. What sort of SLA is expected (service / up time)  

12.  Do you need to meet any government specs (ie: HIPPA)

Thank you