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Leo Torres
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I have an ADO.Net Connection that goes to a Teradata source. The query gets created on the fly by expressions and SQL TASK before I pass it to the ADO.Net Source but I cant figure out a way to pass my query to the ADO.Net Source.

The only 2 options I get are "Table and View" and SQLCommand
I tried SQLCOMMAND and placed the variable holding query in the input box but it failed.

OLE Source has the variable option to use a variable  for query. I cant user OLE because I dont have the drivers installed for Teradata. How can i get my query on to this ADO.Net source?
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The number of Experts who have access to Teradata is probably limited, but if you can provide more details like screenshots or what you're trying to do and the expected result you may be able to get more answers.



OK, so I answered my own question here looks like to do an expression on the source query you have to set the expression back on the control flow level not the Data flow level which is what makes sense and that's the way it is for OLE.

Now my issue has become the sort. chose the sore column but it still says its not sorted

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