Lock down policy in Mac OS Yosemite.

jorge diaz
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Hi, I recently took over a network with Mac laptops running Mac OS Yosemite, the laptops were part of a Windows Domain had have some administrative lock down settings. We were provided admin privileges so we removed them from the Domain, although we are the computer admins many settings in system preferences are locked out. It seems to me the previous tech support company used some type of lock down policy to prevent even local administrators to make any changes.  Unfortunately  the previous company won't cooperate passing down info other than providing the admin password.

Does anyone know of a way to "unlock" the settings in system preferences?
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So just to be clear, you can’t change those preferences even with the Mac’s admin password? Just trying to understand.

And you know about the small lock image in the lower left corner of the preferences pane you are trying to change? Click it, you should be asked for the Macs admin password, and that should unlock that preference.

Or is this something completely different?
They'd have to use JAMF, Centrify, Addigy, or something similar to lock down settings.  Find out which one they used.
@Serialband, do you know if there's  a way around it. it was an unpleasant departure and they're not cooperating.
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Reinstall off the network. From my limited dealings with JAMF, it needs systems to be on the same network to network load the packages.  There must be a server somewhere holding the repositories.  Addigy has an agent installed on the system.  Remove the agent.
i figured it out. you run sudo /usr/local/bin/jamf removeFramework...
thanks for the help
you can remove it by:
 sudo /usr/local/bin/jamf removeFramework

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