DoubleProperty in Java

What's the difference between DoubleProperty and Double in Java ? When should I use DoubleProperty ?

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gskTechnology consultantCommented:
Hi Axishk,

double is a return type in java like for eg

double amount=5.4;

DoubleProperty  is used in JaVaFX to handle the event, you will many code sample for DoubleProperty.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Shortly, any more explanation on this ? I still can't get exactly the difference.

Thx again.
gskTechnology consultantCommented:
please refer any JavaFx article ,if any part you not able to understand please come back.The DoubleProperty is bascially for binding the properties during some  action event.

let say you have to store name in java,or counting number in java ,so java has different data types
String name="AXISHK"
int vale=10
double  dollar=4.50

mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
Double is a very general data type that would be used everywhere in lots of different Java applications, wherever you need to store a number that can have a decimal point.

DoubleProperty is a very specific object that it a part of the JavaFX platform. If you aren't writing a JavaFX application, then you definitely would NOT use this at all. If you are writing a JavaFX application, then you would likely already know what to use DoubleProperty for. I have delved into JavaFX so while I have an idea about how it is used, I don't know a lot. But as I said, if you aren't doing JavaFX, you can just forget about this one.

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