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Is there any SEO value in including a key word in the url.

I have a small lawyers practice.  It is based in a very small town of about 11,500. It is

Two other firms have joined the town in the last couple of years,

The town is Syston

Their offices are branch offices but in searches their entries show up as xxx/offices/Syston/  etc.

Is their any additional (or much) SEO value in moving some of my key folders and files to team

as opposed to


given that oftentimes people will be searching for "Syston lawyers"

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Jeffrey Dake Senior Director of Technologyy

If I were you I would.  You don't want to go to crazy with keyword stuffing, but you also want to let the search engines know that you are in that area.  Since you said people will be searching for "Syston lawyers", I would want your my team page to include that in the url.  I would say you are slightly answering your own question though.  On your homepage you have no reference to the word lawyer or lawyers, but that is what you are predicting people will search for.  

I would reword some of your copy on your home page, especially your h1 tag to be natural language that includes what people are going to search for.

"Where do you find trusted Solicitors In Syston?" should probably not be your h1.  You should probably have something like.  "The top Syston lawyers here to help you with your legal issues"

Just what I would be doing.


Thank you, that's very helpful.
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Michael RojekDigital Marketing and WebDev

You'll get the most SEO value from the slug, not the domain or subdomain:, assuming of course it accurately describes the content found there

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