How do I monitor a webpage to get alerts when it's content changes?

Matthew Emery
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This weekend we missed out of tickets for Glastonbury Festival for the first time in 6 years.  

As well as the official resale's, they also have unofficial sales of small batches of tickets on this URL:

Please can someone recommend to me a website I can use to get email alerts for when websites change.

I was signing up to but then discovered they may only check every 20 minutes which means there is a big gap where lots of other people may get alerts first depending on when they setup the alert, is there other solutions available with shorter intervals OR, I do have my own hosting space and beginner/Intermediate web experience with WordPress, could I setup my own basic checking solution, maybe there is a plugin?

I guess it's about getting the right balance of not hitting a server too often and getting blacklisted too.
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Commented: is a dirt simple approach.

Set your search to something like...

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Then set search frequency to as it happens + you'll get a message when Google senses the page change.

If this isn't frequent enough (likely it won't be), then you an use (Web Secretary) which is a simple script you can run yourself.

Run this in a CRON job every minute + this will likely work.

Tip: Some sites might see this as an attack, so randomly run your CRON job between say 1-10 minutes, to keep from getting blocked by the site... which might happen... Better to be safe than sorry.


Hi David,

Web Secretary looks perfect for us to use, thanks for the quick response.
Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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With google alerts, you may not get results fast enough.  There are plenty of online resources for this such as and most have free options for a minimum amount of urls to track and nothing to install.
David FavorFractional CTO
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Yep. WebSec is old code + works so well.

I've been using it... geez... seems like somewhere around 20 years... It just works...

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