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This is a question for visio, but should help me with all office products.  I have a working area on a network and i want for Visio... when i click browse to automatically open up this location on the network.  I have set the default file locations for visio.  refer to screenshot 1 for the procedure i did.

the browse button i am referring to is in screenshot 2.

i don't have to have it this wa,y but basically here is what i want to happen.  

When i open up visio and want to open a previously used file that is not in the recent history.... i want it to automatically browse to this network location.  

any good advice.
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You can change location of Documents, where is default location for your files.
If you have windows 10, open file explorer (Win+E). select This PC from the left pane, find Documents and right click on it. Select Properties and Location tab in opened window. There you can change location of Documents to any location. Press Move button to apply changes


I dont want to do that because of sql management studio and other apps also use the documents folder.....  is there a way to specify it by the msft office application.  at that level... and not the pc level
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I don't see which version of Visio that you have.  The steps may vary between versions.  I have Visio Pro 2013.  In mine, I go to the File tab of the Office Ribbon.  Click on Options.  Click Advanced in the left margin.  At the bottom is a "File Locations" button.  See the image I included.  I think the Start-up blank is what you're looking for.

Off the top of my head, prior to the ribbon bar (2010 and before?) it was Help/Options/Advanced Options/File Location.  But that's from memory.

Vision 2013 File Locations Options
I'm using the Office 366 subscription, and they have a folders "tab" that allows pinning of folders. You can pin folders to the lists, so that they persist at the top.

I'm not sure how long ago this was added to Office. I wish there was a way to add specific folders to the "places" on the left, but it appears to only support SharePoint and OneDrive top-level destinations.



Thanks Gentlemen
all 3 answers were a way to achieve what i wanted.

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