Making iCloud work with Outloook

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I use Apple only for my iPhone 6, and Windows for everything else.  I'm running Windows 10 with Office 365.   When I set up my iCloud to upload backups of photos, etc., it gave me the following error message:

iCloud and Outlook
How do I configure Outlook to allow iCloud to work … or is there a reason not to?


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What about the error message? DOES outlook have a default profile set or do you have to select the profile each time you start outlook? (some people like it that way).
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I have almost the same setup as you but I use Apple iCloud as my cloud provider for photos. Works great.

So long as I transfer to Computer regularly, I live well within my free allowance.  

Worthy of consideration.
In iCloud for Windows, you want to disable the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars & Tasks with Outlook" sync if you're not going to sync with Outlook. It will then sync just bookmarks and photos.



Thank you!

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