Cannot find a saved Excel document.

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i created a document in excel and cannot find the document.  I have looked in the recent documents, unsaved documents and still cannot find it.  Can you provide me way to find the document? I am using windows 10.  Thanks.
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In excel click File>Options>Save....check the AutoRecover file location and look in there.
Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

Have you tried a Windows Explorer search? Click the folder icon on your taskbar and choose to search your computer. Type in just a few characters of the file name with an * for wildcard. Also, if you saved to OneDrive, there is occasionally a delay in viewing the files from Excel
tcengizSystem Administrator

and also please check *Start>Run>%Recent% . That will show you to last used files in a folder.

Or, open Excel, and then Click on Open Recents, and your file should show up in that list. Open it.

You can just save it again in the place you want and not worry about the file that is hiding.
Click Save As, and I believe the Save As dialog will open to save in the folder where the file opened from.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

are you logged on as the same user? ie if you log on both as a local user and a user on your company network, those are two separate user accounts. and will have two separate user profiles on the computer. Was the document you created actually saved before the application was closed.  The excel file should show up in the search if you remember the name or at least part of the name of the file.  You may need to follow the advice of other experts already suggested.

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