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I have a user that has an Access database configured to have all of the forms, report, and dashboard in one database and the data tables residing in a separate database.

I can see when the initial dashboard database is open, the locking file is created for that file.  When you go an open a form, you can see an additional locking file created for the backend database.

There is only one other person in the office that needs to be able to open that database and see the changes.  I have tried copying the "front-end" database to the user's desktop and connecting to the "back-end" database on user 1's system?  When I go into Linked Table manager to point to that file, I don't see that "back-end" file.  I can see the front-end and back-end mdb files on user 1's system, but only the front-end database on user 2.

What am I missing here?  How should I be setting this up?

Thank you for any help that you can provide.
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The BE database must be on a shared drive.

The FE is linked to the BE on the server.  Make sure that both UserA and UserB have the server drive mapped identically.  If not, then the link should be done using UNC naming.  Using the UNC path is preferred but only actually necessary when the drive mappings are not consistant for all users of the app.

Once the master copy of the FE is linked to the BE, then the master copy should be distributed to UserA and UserB.  A simple way of ensuring that all users always run the current version of the app is to have a local table in the FE that identifies the current version and also a link to a shared table in the BE.  That way, on opening, the app compares the version in the local FE table with the version number in the linked table.  If they are the same, the FE is the current version.  If they are different, the FE should inform the user and than close the app.

The simplest way to distribute copies of the FE to all users is to use a batch file.  The batch file needs just a couple of instructions
1. delete the local copy of the FE
2. copy the master FE from the server to the local PC
3. open the local FE

Then, each user needs a shortcut to open the app.  The shortcut runs the .bat file on the server.  This ensures that each time the FE is opened, a fresh copy is brought down from the server and the start up code ensures that the two don't get out of sync.



How do I handle this, if we don't have a server and simply these two desktop computers?  I think I get how you are explaining this, but I am not sure about how I have a central place that they both are accessing.


This worked as soon as I figured out how to split up the existing hard drive into an additional partition or drive.  Worked perfectly!!!!  Thank you Pat for the awesome explanation!!!!!!
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on user 1's computer from an administrative command prompt
net share access= c:\<path>\foldername
the command is net share
access is the name of the shared folder
= simply equals
c:\<path>\foldername is the directory that the backend mbd resides.

now both computers can access \\computer1\access\filename.mdb

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