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C# text manipulation of crlf to cr

I need to have my string output with CR's only not CRLF's.  I am using c#.

Hello Experts,  Can one of you help a fox out?  I am reading in a text file (which is full of the CRLF's), I need to create a new file based on the text file and output the result with CR's only  I have tried a lot of methods that don't seem to work, here are my latest two failurs:

//richTextBox1.Text = HL7.Replace("\r\n", "\r");  //.Replace("\r\n", @" \r ");
                    richTextBox1.Text = HL7.Replace("\r\n", @" \r ");

I need a method that takes a string with crlf's and returns a string with cr's only

"help me obi-wan Kenobi, you are my only hope"

Thank you in advance,


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How are you 'reading' the file?

StreamReader SR = new StreamReader(Target);
            while ((line = SR.ReadLine()) != null)
                Output += Pre + Ct.ToString() + Pre1 + line.Replace("\r\n", "") +Pre2 + "\r";

That should work.  (The removal of a CRLF and appending a CR at the end of your newly constructed line.)

How do you actually test it is not working?  Your code might function correctly - your testing procedure has the bug.
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I'll copy output into notepad++ and view the outcome

That is not a good way to test unless you can view the hex values in your notepad++.  Can you?

I can see when the values are removed properly.
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AndyAinscow & Sara,  Thank you both for showing me what I was missing.  Andy, you demonstrated I was on the right path, and Sara you added insight into why I was getting the result I was seeing.  I have thankfully learned something new because of your efforts.