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Reassign Hot Keys for Foxit PDF Reader - Scroll or Pan Left and Right Using Only Arrow Keys

Windows 8.1
Asus T100 10" Notebook

Foxit PDF Reader (Free Version) 9.3
In order to use the keyboard shortcut to pan left and right, when the screen is zoomed in, I had to disable Windows Hot Keys so that CTRL+ALT+ARROW would not rotate the screen. (My previous EE post focused on that problem.)

Is it possible to assign a different Hot Key combination (other than ctrl+alt+arrow) that allows you to scroll (or pan) left or right in Foxit? Can you assign just the Left and Right Arrow keys without the control keys? That makes it so much easier to use the arrow keys to navigate the page with one hand.
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Right click the ribbon at the top, then customize ribbon, then click keyboard and reassign shortcut keys there :D
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I have posted my problem in the Foxit forum. You can view my forum post here:

There seems to be no way to reassign the Arrow keys to perform the desired behavior. The workaround is to launch the MS Magnifier tool and disable the Windows Hot Keys. Then you can use CTRL+ALT+ARROW. (see my previous posting on EE.)

If you have an alternative to obtain the desired behavior, please let me know.
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