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Anyone's used Leaflet.js? I'm following this example https://asmaloney.com/2014/01/code/creating-an-interactive-map-with-leaflet-and-openstreetmap/

You see how the map shows the US and other countries....I want to zoom in on the US when the page loads.

I did this
var maxBounds = [
			[5.499550, -167.276413], //Southwest
			[83.162102, -52.233040]  //Northeast

		var map = L.map( 'map', {
			center: [100.0, 5.0],
			minZoom: 3,
			zoom: 2


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but when the page loads, map still looks small. Looks like this. How can I zoom in on the US when the page loads?
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the minimum zoom is bigger than the default zoom so this is not making sense
The default zoom must be a valid zoom and in the zoom bracket.

Here is an example
zoom: 15, // starting zoom
minZoom: 10,
maxZoom: 18,

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that didn't work but I'll play around with it. It made the map very large. I don't see the markers anymore.

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