Accessing Legacy File Server (2003) on Windows 10 or on Server 2016

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I have Domain Server 2016 Environment and all workstations are win-10 and some Macs. We have legacy file server 2003 that is quite BIG, we use it for backups and old file-storage. For now we have no option to transfer all files, to big and no budget. But now, some colleagues would like once in a while to access those old files, on the fly.

All Mac users can access those files, no problem.
All Win-10 workstations/laptops, they cannot access them.

Any options? Please.

I have tried this bellow, do not work.
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Server 2003 uses SMBv1 as file sharing protocol. That is supported by win10 but no longer active by default. You can activate it, yes,  but you should rather move the share to a file server that supports at least SMBv2 (Server 2008 and up).
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Thank you.

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