Problem Adding Theme, Logo, etc to New Site

Had a html .index file that I erased to blank and uploaded to my Wordpress domain, Idea was to use this as my Wordpress startup front page when someone brings up the site. However, the Theme, colors, etc, don’t show up on If I create a home page, then the Theme, etc. appears on Why is blank and I can’t add theme, logo, etc from Wordpress dashboard?
michael darnellAsked:
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You probably just need to change the website url

As I can see you are at an early stage, you can réinstall WP , most of  hosting company have an autoinstaller

Also there are plenty of free videos on that topic
Julian HansenCommented:
I am confused. You uploaded a blank page and are wondering why it is blank when you browse to it?

What is it you were expecting?

What is it you are wanting to do for your home page?

Wordpress is based on themes which in turn are based on templates.

Each page (post) is rendered using a particular template. Pages allow you to select the template to use (RHS of the screen when you edit the page).
You can configure a specific page to be your startup page.

New template files can be created and added to your theme folder (or preferably child-theme). The template files usually include the header.php and footer.php files which render the frame of your site
You would then need to retrieve the post content and output it on the page where you want it to go as well as (optionally) create widget areas and other page elements that might be specific to your requirements.

Unless you are using a theme like Divi or that uses Site Origin Page Builder or similar, that allows you to create your own pages dynamically then Wordpress is not going to do that for you - you have to get your hands dirty building a template that you can use for your page.
michael darnellAuthor Commented:
No doubt that I am confused.
Will not be using blogs/posts - just a website for church.
I thought that I would be able to add theme, logo, and church info to the blank page. Similarly to what I was doing before moving to Wordpress. Previous site design was based on Frontpage and HTML. Was told that design would not port to Wordpress so I am starting with clean slate.

Will be doing more reading and taking tutorials on Wordpress.
Julian HansenCommented:
Will not be using blogs/posts - just a website for church.
In WordPress everything is a post. Posts are grouped into categories and post_types - which determine where they will show.

Pages on your site are just Posts that have a page_type of page.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) it saves your content into your database and uses templates to display that content. A blank page is not something you can populate with WordPress - the page (template) needs to have code to render out the look of the page.

For pages in WordPress there is a default template that all pages use by default. With the Vanilla WP Themes (and for many other Themes) you can add content and style it to a certain extent using a WYSIWYG editor - but the structure of the page is defined by the template.

As I mentioned before you can override the template by creating your own - or (in some themes like DIVI and Weaver Xtreme) you can create your own layouts dynamically using an editor in the dashboard that allows you to create a specific layout and populate it with content (text / widgets / media etc)

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michael darnellAuthor Commented:
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