Merge, delete when not on target

Hi All,

I have an issue with a merge statement into a FACT TABLE

It was pretty simple until the users started to delete records from the source.

Current SQL:

Set Count = 1

New SQL:

So in this example, a record has been deleted from the source, it no longer matches but there is nothing to insert.  I would like it the count to be set to 0.

Set Count = 0

Bob Jones | Confirmed | 1111
Mary Jones | Confirmed | 1112
James Jones | Confirmed | 1113
Helen Jones | Confirmed | 1114

Bob Jones | Confirmed | 1111 | Count 1
Mary Jones | Confirmed | 1112| Count 1
James Jones | Confirmed | 1113| Count 1
Helen Jones | Confirmed | 1114| Count 1
Peter Market | Confirmed | 1115| Count 0

I’m loading to a fact table using a merge and now they are just blanket deleting records, my facts are off.  This must be accounted for somehow?

Thank you for any help at all.
Coco BeansDesignerAsked:
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
If I understand this correctly, I don't think you can do what you one in one step with a single MERGE statement.

Easiest would be to set ALL rows to a count=0, then let the MERGE set them to a 1 when there is a match.
Coco BeansDesignerAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I don't want to clear down dimensions are some are slowing change and this would leave orphaned rows in the dimensions
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Sorry but I do not understand what that post is supposed to tell me.
Oracle Merge statement doesn't  works for  every record in target , just works for every record in source ( like left join and not as you expected)

 So you can't set target column when correspondence rows not exist in source with MERGE statement.
you may do it with extra one step like that
UPDATE fact WHERE NOT EXIST (SELECT 1 from source WHERE condition)

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