I need to compare one access table to another to show missing columns.

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I need to know if it possible to loop through a recordset(tblViewNames) comparing one table to another.  I need to be able to output column that don't exist in the BI View tables from the CR tables . I have a sample query created in Teradata  where it shows BI columns missing from the CR Tables comparison.  Then I need to output this missing columns to a table(tblFinalOutput).
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this is the code that loops thru all fields of a table, use this as a start and modify accordingly...
	Dim fld As DAO.Field
	For Each fld in tdf.fields
		If(fld.Type = dbDate) Then
			SQL = SQL & "Employeestbl.[" & fld.name & "],"
		End If

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How are you suppose outthe column names in a table in vba code ?


How are you suppose to put column names in a table in vba code?

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