Free PGP for craptop.

PGP for free?

Absurd question maybe but if I Google for "PGP Windows x86 32 bit" I am not presented with a list of freeware products but presented with several paid for products. I am a cheapscate  and expect everything for free including a PGP encrypter program for my crappy 32 bit Windows version 10 notepad.

So where do I go to (my lovely) to get free encryption for my Windows 10.0 32 bit craptop tablet?
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andyalderHaemorrhoids victimAsked:
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Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
There's two that come to mind and depends on what you're looking to do with it:

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Any reason for not using what's built-in?
Win10 home or pro? Pro or enterprise can use bitlocker. Home can use "bitlocker light" = "device encryption" which however has certain other requirements, for starters a Microsoft account.

Alternatives: disk cryptor for non-uefi installations, veracrypt for uefi.
andyalderHaemorrhoids victimAuthor Commented:
gpg4win will probably do, thanks.
andyalderHaemorrhoids victimAuthor Commented:
I wanted to encrypt a single file (actually just a bit of text within the file) . not my entire disk. Most encryption programmes want to encrypt everything.or nothing.
For a single file or folder, windows offers EFS, right in the advanced properties of the file.
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