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the easiest way is to create a table with 1 row and 2 columns on each page

next copy the 1 photo and name into each column

do this for each page

when you select a photo, a new tab called Picture Tools appears

the Picture Styles option allows you to choose a frame for the selected picture

when done, select the 2 columns and select Paragraph - Center
There is also PowerPoint that has lots of option to put lines names etc then just save it as a jpeg. from the save as.
Just copy and paste your image/s onto it.
As an example made in powerpoint saved as jpeg

Please DO NOT accept this comment as an answer when closing the question because what I am providing is only ADDITIONAL information that may be helpful to your cousin IN THE FUTURE.  Paul Sauvé has answered your question about adding borders, placing two pictures per page, etc using tables and provided a working example.  Merete provided a good alternative method.

The Word document contains a mish-mash of different sized images. It is harder to embed different sized source images in a Word document because large ones will go off the page when inserted and you have to reduce the size to fit, and small ones need to be stretched.  In general reducing the image sizes does not affect images much, but stretching them to increase the size usually degrades them and makes them fuzzy.  In addition if you are not careful in grabbing an image by a corner to drag and resize it you can end up squashing it by the width or height and you get an image that does not match the original "aspect ratio".  A portrait image of a face can make the person look too thin if enlarged more in the height than the width or reduced more on the width than the height, and made to look too wide if the opposite is done.

Your cousin obviously got about half of the images from the Office of the President of Trinidad and Tobago website:
Note that these images are "thumbnails" that are deliberately small so that they can be fitted onto the page.  Most are hyperlinked to larger versions of the same image, so by clicking the image (or Right-Click > Open in new tab) it opens a full sized image.  Let me show a couple of examples of the problems that can be encountered when using thumbnails from a web page to insert into a Word document.

George Maxwell Richards

The thumbnail image on the "past presidents" web page displays at 150 x 150 pixels.
It is set with a hyperlink to a larger image that is is 797 × 1,200 pixels.
The 150 x 150 pixel thumbnail image that was used to embed in the Word document has been scaled UP by 190% on the height and 169% on the width resulting in an embedded image of 285 x 253 pixels.  The image has been stretched more on the height than the width resulting in a face and body that appears to be thinner than he should and because it has been stretched to nearly double the size it has degraded a bit.

It would have been better to use the larger version of the image and either resize it to a bit larger than would be needed for the Word document, or carefully downsize the picture in Word being careful to drag it diagonally by the corners to preserve the original aspect ratio.

The picture in the Word document of Arthur Napolean Raymond Robinson's face has been distorted even more by enlarging a 150 x 150 pixel thumbnail image by 230% on the height but only 176% on the width (which is to say that it was enlarged to a bit more than 1.5 times the original width and nearly 2.5 its original height) and his face is too long and thin.  That image was available from the image link at 516 × 700 pixels.

There are other images that have been squashed or stretched too much in one direction in the Word document.

The image of Kamla Persad Bissessar has been stretched way too much (scaled UP by 650%) to enlarge it from 64 x 48 pixels to 416 x 312 pixels, and it has suffered.  It would have been much better looking for a larger source image to use.

It is better to always look for an image that is about the same as or slightly larger than needed for Word than a much smaller one that needs to be stretched up to size.  Wikipedia, for example, usually offers images in different sizes, not just the first image that shows on the subject's page.  I saw that one or more of the presidents' images were sourced from Wikipedia.

You don't need a fancy image editor to prepare source images in readiness for inserting into Word.  Most versions of Microsoft Office suite have had the Picture Manager application that allows you to resize and crop images while preserving the aspect ratios.

Hopefully this might help your cousin with future projects.

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