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dynamics crm

I use account and contact as a container to store like

insurance company
consumer name
contractor name

has account entity have any field to indicate what type of accounts it is? for example. on the web form I want to create a drop down with look up to insurance company only and I don't know how to do that ?
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I will have many account type
like insurance company, consumer, vendor and contactor

but on the web form like drop down with look up option. how can I select e.g. insurance company ?
OK, you want to have multiple values. So do you want to have a picklist, where the user selects the relevant value?

There is an out of the box field called Industry which you can use. You can customize the values to suit your needs.

Or you can create your own new field and select type option set. If you are using Dynamics Online version 9.0 or later you can create a multi-select option set that allows you to select multiple values.

You say "drop down with look up option".  I wonder do you mean a lookup to another record type, select a parent account for a contact?  That is a a completely different process and requires creating a custom entity.
I like to use account entity and have account type field makes sense to me.

now when I have for example lead form and I add custom field called insurance company and the data source is entity look up to account entity. is it possible to look up account type = insurance company? so I can get list of insurance company
when the lead form is opened?
option set is not my choice because I need it to be updated by our user
any helps?
OK, I think I understand what you want a bit better now. I think you need a filtered lookup. Add a lookup field to account to the lead form.  Create a view for account that filters for accounts where account type = insurance company as a system view. Then in the lookup field on the lead form, you can choose the "insurance company " view and also choose not to allow the user to change the view.

Is that closer to what you are asking?
very closed ....
just hope if I can have some thing I can follow the steps
Sure, I'll post something later today.
Sorry I've been busy with some work assignments. DO you still need help with this?