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I have an xls file called "Masterlist" that has hundreds of contacts, i.e. Member ID, first name, last name, phone, and email in respective columns/rows.

I have another xls template that only contains Member ID in a column.  I need a formula/method to auto fill/populate the remaining info, i.e. first name, last name, phone, and email per row that matches Member ID on the template file from the Masterlist xls file.  

I'm assuming it's a vlookup or lookup formula, but need a bit more direction and most efficient method.
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Power Query is the best tool to achieve this if you are using Excel 2010 or later. Or you can also use VBA to achieve this.
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Yes, VLOOKUP would be a way to do it.

Assuming Member Data file on Sheet1:
Column     Value
A                 member id
B                 first name
C                 last name
D                 phone
E                 email

Template file
Column      Formula/Value
A                 member id
B                 =VLOOKUP($A2,Sheet1!$A:$E,2,FALSE)
C                 =VLOOKUP($A2,Sheet1!$A:$E,3,FALSE)
D                 =VLOOKUP($A2,Sheet1!$A:$E,4,FALSE)
E                 =VLOOKUP($A2,Sheet1!$A:$E,5,FALSE)

The syntax for VLOOKUP is:
=VLOOKUP(Lookup Value, Lookup Range, Column Offset, Lookup type)

Lookup Value - your member id
Lookup range - the full data set master list with member id in the left most column of range
Column Offset - the column from the lookup range from which to return the value. You will notice that the only difference between the formulas is this parameter. It increases to return from the relevant column in the source. This can be set to be dynamic if so required by matching on a column header.
Lookup type - This decides whether to find a close match or an exact match; FALSE looks for an exact match.

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