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howto remove default vm network from mgt network (vswitch0)

Help a guy with a bad memory please.  :)
ESX 6 - new install on a new host.
My default vswitch0 is created and it's my management network AND VM Network.
Now, I've brought on the other NICs and created a separate VM Network on vswitch1 and now, I want to remove the VM Network that was assigned to vswitch0.
I can't remember how to and I can't find it.

ALL of my other hosts are configured correctly in that I have a mgt network with teamed NICs on vswitch0, a VM Network with teamed NICs on vswitch1 and a vmotion network with teamed NICs on vswitch2.  

So, to clean it up, I'd like to get rid of the default VM Network that was spun up with my vswitch0.

PLEASE point me in the right direction.


PS:  using the web client.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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using web client and tried that and it's not there.  I guess I'll connect to that host with the client.  thanks buddy.  if we ever meet, I owe you like 100 dinners or something!
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UGH!!!  THAT WAS IT!  Why oh WHY does VMware say the client is deprecated and that we should use the web client when we NEED the client for things that the web client won't do?

I'm gonna take up drinking!
Okay, so are you connecting via vCenter Server or direct to host, and which versions are you using ?
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If IT was Lord of the Rings, Andrew would be Gandalf!  :)
Grand, good all is working. Yes Web Client is really pants!

Hey, I might come by some day for my 100 dinners!