Delimiter issue in SSIS package

I run an SSIS package to create a .txt file on to an FTP server and the delimiter I use is a pipe delimeter:

I have to import this file into a third party too and I get this error message: invalid field count

196      196      Invalid field count: expected 17 fields but found 10      [203822][1][903510001][Accessories][331000][0][Uncertified][5000][1/8/8/0/9/18809622][  Edition Red, White & Blue Crystal Minaudiere]
197      197      Invalid field count: expected 17 fields but found 1      [<BR> Condition: 1]
198      198      Invalid field count: expected 17 fields but found 8      [<][][1][][0][0][37][collection]

I can't use any other delimiter because of the nature of the file. Can you provide any suggestions please
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
There must be some chars in the output in my opinion that "breaks" the record by fake EOL pointer so when you say that  
I have to import this file into a third party
In my opinion you must find out from the "third party" if:
- are they accepting UNICODE or not and if yes on the "Flat File Destination" you must check the "Unicode" bos and provide the appropriate Code Page the third party needs.
- what is the "Text Qualifier" accepted by third party? Some they have double quotes so set that on the "Flat File Destination" dialog under the "Format"
- what is the "Row delimiter" that third party accepts and set it on the "Row delimiter" dialog if it is different that default CR/LF
- obviously set the "Column delimiter to "Vertical Bar" or pipe as you need it.
sqlcuriousAuthor Commented:
I figured there were some carriage returns that was causing the issue, so removed them and it worked, thanks for your inputs lcohan

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