Why doesn't the Form Footer on a form give me a Grand Total?

My Grand Total in the form footer does not work. I get a #Error message.
I used a Query Make Table to create the table I am using is as the Control Source on my form. Table sample is below:

Writer    SumofSales        Expr1    
Tom        100                      100
Harry      250                      250

The form detail section displays the Writer and the SumofSales

In the form footer i used the text box with a name = Text35,
My expression is =SUM([Expr1])

Why doesn't it work?

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Assuming Expr1 is the name of a control, that is the problem.  You need to refer to bound fields from the recordsource rather than control names.

If Expr1 contains a calculation, then simply repeat the calculation
So if Expr1 is:
=fld1 * fld2
=Sum(fld1 * fld2)
<<I used a Query Make Table to create the table I am using is as the Control Source on my form. >>

If the recordsource of your form is the table created by your MakeTable query, and the table contains a field named "Expr1", then your syntax is ok overall.  However, ensure that the field Expr1 in your table is numeric, not text.  Alternatively, try this:

ES-ComponentsAuthor Commented:
Look at the Query I used, (file1392748) and the table, (file 1392749)

I tried both of your suggestions, Still not working. It almost feels too simple to do, but I can not figure out why I
get #Error    for an error message.
I currently have the text box in the form footer and get the above error message.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you for any help you can offer!!!
ES-ComponentsAuthor Commented:
I found my solution. I had originally used the "Form Design" to create my form.
I tried using the "Form Wizard" and used the tabular version.

The Grand Total of the Sales works correctly in the footer section of the form


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