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Security Badge (HID) Card won't work

Security Badge (HID) Card won't work. We are having an unusual issue with HID enable security card. We have been using a fob (dongle) for many years and we are now changing it to the card that we print pictures on it.  With the new card, it works after activated but it won't respond after two or times of time! It acted as the card is not there. it is not like the card has wrong permission. The card simply won't do anything. no beep no led indicate. We thought the printer that prints the pictures on the card, but it wasn't. it worked before print it and after print it.  What could that be?
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Owen Rubin
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Is anything in proximity to the card when applied to the reader? is it just one badge or do they all stop working?  Have you tried different readers (might it be a reader problem?)

So these cards typically have an antenna in them, and some circuit that responds to radio signals sent to the card from the reader. Other electronics, metal, or other cards in close proximity can stop them. (Used to be a trick to lock a door by taping another card to the wall behind the reader. Then no cards would work.)
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Is the card being tested before actually been released,  in short the QC of it and may need to relook into reloading the card I.e. applet loaded with keys like for Java smartcard etc
Could be an issues of the reader, your batch of cards.... even of exposure to phones or magnetic fields.
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Thanks for all, I found out what went wrong.  The issuer punched in the wrong place. there is a part you can actually punch no one caught.  Thanks again.  I hope it helps someone.
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Of course. Had you said they punched for a lanyard, that would have been obvious. I am surprised that the cards did not already have a whole punched in it already though. Glad you figured it out.