Upgrading schema to windows 2016 level

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Hi ,

I have Windows 2003 domain. My plan is to deploy windows 2016 DC.

Here is my plan

Step 1- ) Install Windows 2012 R2 as member server ( Server A ) and prepare forest and domain using forestprep ad adprep.
                This will going to update the schema to windows 2012 R2 Level. Please note that I am going to promote this Server to DC. I just want to extend the schema

Step 2 -)  Install Windows 2016 server as member server ( Server B ) and prepare forest and domain using forestprep and  adprep
                 This will extend the schema and after that I am going to promote this Server to DC

My question actually is this : I think this will work but please let me know if i need to promote Server A to DC so that it became 2012 DC or I cdont have to promote it DC

and pls read the question  carefully  as most time I can genric copy past answer from net.
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what you can do, ensure that you have 2003 AD with at least 2003 domain and forest functional level, that is minimum required

after that directly install 2016 member server and promote it to domain controller

what is your current domain controller version?
If its 2003 32 bit, you don't have option to manually update schema as 2016 server do not have 32 bit variant of adprep.exe

However if you have 2008 / 2008 r2 DCs, you can manually update schema from 2016 member server, make sure you 1st install ADRSAT tools on 2016 member server and then promote server to 2016 ADC
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

I would promote the 2012 R2 server to be a DC and demote the 2003 as part of the migration. There are SMB issues between 2003 and 2016, there could be FRS/DFSR issues, and possibly others I don't know about. We know that 2003 to 2012 R2 is supported, and so is 2012 R2 to 2016.

After promoting the 2012 R2 and demote the 2003, I would convert from FRS to DFSR for sysvol.

After that, you can promote the 2016 server to be a DC and demote the 2012 R2.
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Article clearly says about upgrade process:

U can install 2016 server directly in 2003 forest as long as DFL and FFL is 2003 or above and you can migrate FRS to DFSR later on, in fact you need to do that
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kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

I guess I should have done a google search first. I am surprised that the document didn't mention anything about needing to turn on, at least temporarily, SMB 1.0 on the 2016 box,


schema can be upgraded from 2003
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When i said, you can directly Promote 2016 Dc, it means schema will 1st get upgraded automatically to 2016 version
U don't have to do it manually
If you want to do it manually, you should have 2003 X64 version and that is also reflected in my comment

Answers are provided as appropriate, hence objecting here

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