iMac and HP 8710 not talking to each other-sometimes

Craig Kummerow
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HP 8710/iMac Issue

After several days of off again, on again functionality, I have come to this conclusion. The problem is in my iMac, not the network and not the printer. Two weeks ago I was convinced it was the printer, so I quickly ordered a new HP 8710 so I could just swap the old 8710 out. Ultimately, the brand new one started doing exactly what the old one was doing.

On Tuesday I ran this test. (All sent to the HP 8710 wirelessly)
-Print from my 6th gen iPad. OK
-Print from my iPhone X. OK
-Print from my wife’s iPhone X. OK
-Print from wife’s MacBook Pro (running High Sierra, latest update) OK
All of those worked perfectly.

-Print from my iMac (running High Sierra, latest update)
Error. Cannot find, connect, or in any other way, play with the 8710.

I can print to my Epson 837 wirelessly from my iMac without an issue.

Added HP Smart app on my iMac and things started working yesterday. Was able to do multiple prints, Perhaps it was rebooting my iMac, which I have done numerous times. Perhaps the HP Smart app. Whatever, it worked. This morning, the first chance I had to print, it was back to a “no go” situation. And I just printed this off from my iPhone without an issue.

So, this is where I stand. What in the name of all that is good, has been corrupted in my OS?  Looking to upgrade to Mojave, but don’t want to drag the problem across and have the same situation. Any thoughts? At all?
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My HP Officejet Pro 8600 had the exact same problem. Turns out, their Wifi connections really suck IMO.

I connected an external Wifi game adapter and used a Cat-5 to plug it into the printer, and I have not had the problem since.

If you can wire you printer, I would try that. I just note when I Wifi, it is on and off all the time for some reason. My guess is it has something to do with the way the printer goes into low power mode.  But that is just a guess.


I could buy that except for all the other devices that print to it wirelessly, including my wife's MacBook as noted. I am totally convinced (until proven otherwise) that the issue is a corrupt file somewhere in my iMac. But thanks for the suggestion. I will file that away for now, but may bring it back later.
Mustafa L. McLinnSystems Engineer/Systems Administrator

1. First make sure they are on the same network. You can check on the printer to make sure  are the same IP address
2. If they are on the same network, you can use Apple/System Preferences/Printers and you should be able to see the printer. Make sure the printer isn't configured to an address that matches the information on the printer itself. Usually those are the most often the issue when you've lost a printer.
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Then, reinstall the iMac.  You can reinstall without removing the user profiles.  As long as you don't go to Disk Utility to first erase the disk, a reinstall just installs the system files.  You should back up your data before you start, in case you mess something up.
Thanks Craig. Strangely, this problem only happened to a few of us on the printer, so who knows really.  When we contacted HP about the problem, their answer was to connect the printer to the network by a wire! Seriously! Sigh1

Serialband, does he need a full reinstall, or just delete and reinstall the drives and software for the printer? Seems drastic to me to reinstall everything first.

I would first try removing the printer, and deleting all HP software, and then going to HP website for the latest software for that printer, and reinstall that, then add the printer again.

I also find that adding by adddress works better than by Bonjour, which all HP printers should support. Don’t know why, it just works better for me.

I would save the reinstall MacOS as a last ditch attempt to fix it.
Reinstall the drivers first.  If it's still not working, then reinstall the OS.  The OS reinstall should only take 30 minutes with SSD and fast internet.  It does not erase the applications nor does it erase the user profiles.

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