Linear regression

How to calculate linear regression in oracle plsql.
Please see the file attached.
Tanuja KadamProgrmmer AnalystAsked:
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Do you have the excel file or the raw data instead of a picture of data?

In any case,  you shouldn't use PL/SQL to solve this.  Instead use the built in SQL aggregate function REGR_SLOPE.

SELECT REGR_SLOPE(dependent_variables, independent_variables)  FROM yourtable

if you're trying to do it "manually" then you can use the basic SUM and COUNT aggregate functions.  This does assume every (dep,indep) pair is not null for both elements, which is true for your sample data.

select  ((SUM(dep * indep) - SUM(indep) * SUM(dep) / COUNT(*)) / COUNT(*))  / ((SUM(POWER(indep, 2)) - POWER(SUM(indep), 2) / COUNT(*)) / COUNT(*)) from yourtable

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Tanuja KadamProgrmmer AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
I will use this function and let you know.
Tanuja KadamProgrmmer AnalystAuthor Commented:
I also Need to calculate sales ratio. I have the details attached. Really appreciate your help and time.
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please open a new question for a new question.

in your new question please provide sample data and expected results.

Please provide the data in a form that can be imported to create a test case.
Tanuja KadamProgrmmer AnalystAuthor Commented:
I have opened a new question. Thanks
Tanuja KadamProgrmmer AnalystAuthor Commented:
Appreciate your help. The solution work perfectly.
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