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Mirroring an active hard drive with a backup hard drive

I have an aging internal hard drive, so I'm backing it up with an external. I learned my lesson after losing a drive a few years ago. It's all media: home movies, TV, music, etc.

I store my files in folders like this: (more complicated, but this is the structure)

I don't get around to sorting that often, so there's hundreds, possibly thousands of files in the unsorted folder.  I'm copying the entire drive to the backup as-is. What I would like to do is find a way to sort on the internal drive, and have the backup drive automatically mimic the moves. I don't think I want to use a windows-driven file backup, since I don't want to torture the drive by re-writing the data (it's already worked enough moving 3 TB in the last few days). These are simply index adjustments. (I also alter tags, but I imagine that could be a problem.)

I'd like to have a "system" going forward so as I acquire more media, I can sort at my leisure, and have my backup drive to the same, without having to open lots of windows and move every file twice. Otherwise, when the original drive dies, I'll have all the data, but won't be able to find anything.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.
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Going forward with two new disks, config as RAID-1 so that you always have any data written going onto both disks
Do NOT use the FakeRAID controller that maybe in your system - software RAID will be fine for this use
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Thanks, RAID feels like overkill, I have plenty of junk I don't need to backup (I somewhat welcome the death of a drive as a forced cleanup). But robocopy looks like what I'm looking for, and my minor OCD sorting habits will get a boost once I delve into all the /options.