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how can a windows 7 vm be converted to physical machine?

Hello experts.
I have a virtual machine containing a very complex program to setup and configure (sources are not available too) that i want to convert it to physical.
I tried lots of things but none worked as expected:
- windows backup hangs
- symantec besr, even if it is a bare metal operation, stops at 73%, even after replacing hard disk with a new one
- using clonezilla by adding the physical hard disk as additional hard disk to the virtual machine and using clonezilla. the copy operation succeeded with no error but when placing hard disk in the physical machine, it fails to start
I would like to know if there's an effective way or software  that i should use
Thank you in advance
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or software  that i should use

Haven't tested this myself, but I did find an excellent video showing the whole process, using Macrium Reflect Free to help with the conversion.


That any help?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Side note:  If you're successful ... unfortunately the first thing that Windows will do is detect that it's running on wildly different hardware, and then invalidate the Windows license.

You'll need to obtain a COA / key for whatever version of Windows is installed on the VM in order to keep it running on physical hardware.
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Use Veeam Agent  - https://www.veeam.com/windows-endpoint-server-backup-free.html

it's also FREE!

and the follow my EE Article

HOW TO: Perform a Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversion the easy way from a computer backup (image).

Although the article is titled Physical to Virtual, it can do Virtual to Physical, Virtual to Virtual....

Because how it works is simple....

1. Use Veeam Agent (or what ever they've rename it to)
2. Backup and create an backup image of your Windows 7 computer (which is probably a good thin anyway!)
3. Store this on Network NAS, USB External DIsk
4. This is important.... Create the Veeam Recovery media on the Physical PC you need to restore to...because this captures all the drivers you will need, e.g. storage and network controllers, so make sure you tick the box.
5. Use the media to Restore and Convert your backup....
6. Done.

Make sure Physical and Virtual have similar hardware makes it easier, e.g.  UEFI  BIOS and Disk Sizes, but these can be changed as well..

All in the EE Article I wrote, step by step tutorial with screenshots.