How to Obtain Port, Protocol and Service being used.

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Hello Experts,

Can someone let me know how to obtain the Port, Service and Protocol being used on our Windows Servers 2012 and Windows Professional, please

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The Protocol being used is part of the Network Card Properties. Normally TCP/IP.  

The Ports used will vary on application. No one port. HTTP normally uses port 80, FTP port 22, 23 and so on.

What do you mean by Service?   Many services are always running in Windows.

You can get lots of information with ipconfig or ipconfig /all.   That gives you network properties too.

Here is a brief tutorial:
Datacenter platform engineer Lindows

Tricky question, if you would like to see what is happening over the ethernet you could enter below in a dos prompt:

Netstat -ano

If you want to see the active threads use:

Netstat -ano | findstr "ESTABLISHED"

It will show you the protocol, who initiates a call to where and what its process id is. The PID you can find in taskmanager (add column PID)

This will hopefully bring you some info you need.


If I understand you question well, you want to find what protocol, port for each running service. I would use Process Explorer and view the Properties of each service. There is quite some documentation on the net on how to use Process Explorer. You can also use TCPView (also from

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