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Outlook 2016 0x800CCC0E error regarding IMAP sync

gowron106 asked
My client is using MSOffice 2016. Suddenly yesterday she started recieiviing a synch error message 0x800CCC0E saying that sync failed. The two accounts she uses on this PC are a gmail account and her personal email account from GoDaddy. Both are IMAP accounts. I've tried every fix I can find online to no avail. Her gmail account is VERY large... 17GB. I thought that may be the issue but the GoDaddy account is virtually empty and is doing the same thing. I've run a registry cleaner (CCleaner), looked at her antivirus (McAfee LiveSafe) and turned off antispam, created a new profile and recreated the gmail account which proceeded to have the exact same error. Tried a clean boot with no luck either. PC is an HP AIO, Windows 10 Home, 8GB RAM, Intel i3. Any ideas? This seems to be an Outlook specific error but I'm not certain where to go from this point. Thank you in advance.
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BTW- both of these accounts are working fine on her phone and laptop.
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Could you show the advanced server settings?


I'll get them Monday morning
bbaoIT Consultant

can you or ask your client to upload a screenhsot showing the original error message for more details. a full-screen shot is preferred.
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It is difficult to suggest a perfect solution without knowing the proper issue as said by experts above.
This Outlook error 0x800ccc0e generally occurred when there is a conflict between SMTP servers while using an email program. This error also occurs when users try to send emails during account configuration.
I found a blog discussing the fix issue with manual steps. Go through the blog and resolve your issue. Link: https://www.article.msoutlooktools.com/howto/how-to-fix-microsoft-outlook-error-code-0x800ccc0e.html

Hope this may help you.
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Or if you want to get the issue fixed instantly, I may offer Live Help of EE.


I also might add that I tried to do a repair multiple times where I changed SMTP port to 587. I also tried to just let it run it;s own repair. All of these attempts failed. It just says it can't repair it. Also... the client does have a LOT of email. I've tried paring it down a little but didn't make much of a dent. However, it is working fine on two other devices... her iPhone and a Surface laptop. This issue only occurs on her desktop PC in her office. The Surface is also using Outlook although I think it is Outlook 2010. I've tried creating a new profile and re-creating the accounts (this is also happening on her other IMAP account which is not on gmail). Got the same errors.All I can think of is uninstall/reinstall at this point but I'm not certain that would fix it.
I created a new profile again and manually entered all settings paying particular attention to each hosts ports (GoDaddy and GMail). I finally found the correct combination and all is working fine now.
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Well done gowron106..