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host disconnects from vCenter due to license issue


I brought up a test host in vSphere 6.0 with one of the VMUG Advantage licenses.  I then tried to add it to my vCenter server.  While it added it just fine, it then disconnects it with the reason of 'Insufficient license on host'.  I'm assuming that applies to the host license, but I'm not sure why.  I can connect to it just fine directly.  


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how many sockets do you have on the host and what does the license stipulate?
Have you added all your licenses to vCenter Server ?
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The initial license I've been operating under allows for 3 hosts, each one having 1 socket.  The new one has 6 hosts available.

I'd forgotten to add the new vCenter Server license as well so I just did that but got the same thing when I tried adding the stand-alone host.

I've attached the non-expanded licensing screen to illustrate what I'm seeing now.

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Will do that; the goal here was to create a test host box to upgrade to 6.7 from 6.0 to make sure I don't tank anything.  That went smoothly so far.  I assume I also need to upgrade vCenter Server as well to 6.7?  I have that currently hosted on a Windows 2012 box.  Any issues with that?

One of the other 2 hosts probably won't be upgradable to 6.7 due to the age of the m/b.  I will either swap out the m/b on that box or move the VMs on it to the text box once things are stable.  

do vCenter server upgrade first from 6.0 to 6.7.

No issues, other than use VCSA!
I wouldn't mind using VCSA but have had problems trying to apply updates to the host it is on.  How do I handle that?

Through VCSA update menus.

All vCenter versions can have issues with updates
LOL.   Point taken.  Just like my other open question.  Sigh.
Hm.  Is it possible to import the configuration of an existing vCenter server into a VCSA instance?  That's probably a big ask...
Thanks to both of you for your guidance.  The easiest path was just to migrate to 6.7 in vCenter server and then remove the old license.  That solved the disconnect issue.

Much appreciated!