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I want to capture old video and  have the hardware and software to do it.  However I cant get it to work.
 The capture device consists of  four cables and USB connector. The four cables: , one yellow (marked video) , one white (audio left), one red (audio right)  and a fourth cable  with a black circular female input (marked S-Video) . I am able to attach the red, yellow and white connections to my VCR without any difficulty. However the  VCR socket (S-Video)  for the fourth cable is female. So I am unable to attach the Video capture cable which is also female.
My question, does that fourth cable have to be attached to make it work.  If so can I get an adapter.  I ATTACH TWO PHOTOS TO EXPLAIN
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Post a link to the cable you purchased to accomplish this.
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These devices have two sets of inputs and during capture you use either (not both)

Yellow (composite video) and red/white (right/left channel audio)


S-video, which contains video and both channels of audio.

Since you have yellow red and white connectable, use those and select the appropriate video source in the video capture program.

Side note:  These "budget" video dongles are ... less than reliable,  when it comes to capturing video.  They'll drop frames right and left and the video quality is marginal as compared to a real video capture card.  To capture without dropping frames, you must stop everything possible on the host computer, including turning off antivirus.  I tried one of these a couple years back, gave up on it and purchased a PCI video capture card instead.  The capture quality is much better.


That answers my question and does more by giving me a better option, namely the PCI capture card

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