building a test and practice Citrix lab

Wonderful day,
I am looking into creating a Citrix lab, what type of software and hardware I would need to purchase? Do I need to get a NetScaler?
Melvin SandersSR. System AdministratorAsked:
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Shiju JacobInfo Security ManagerCommented:

Below video talk about how you can have a test lab

and also try the below comment

What do we need to create a Citrix environment at home?

Well, even though this question may sound funny it is one of the most frequently asked questions in some of these Citrix forums out there. So I like to give an answer:

    a server, (near to) current hardware, 24 to 32 GB RAM (64 or even 128 GB would be fine too), round about 1 TB hard disk storage (the more the better)
    XenServer (you may also use HyperV or VMWare, however it is more complex as you need additional components like SCVMM or vCenter)
    If you want to access your deployment from outside: a static IP (or dynDNS), a DNS server resolving a FQDN to this IP, a certificate for this FQDN, and a “firewall” (any portfilter would be fine) with capabilities to forward to an internal IP
    Space to put your belongings too
    Cooling if you live in a hot area

VMs needed

    a domain controller (no current Citrix environment without AD). It may be also used as license server (starting from 1 GB RAM)
    a machine running StoreFront and Citrix Controller (containing SQL express datastore, at least 2 GB RAM, for XenApp / XenDesktop 7.x only)
    optionally at least one virtual workstation running anything from Windows 7 to 8.1 (from 1 GB RAM)
    optionally at least one RDS (Remote Desktp Server) (from 2 GB RAM)
    optionally a NetScaler Gateway (2 GB RAM, 2 virtual CPUs)

This will make a total of 8 GB RAM, however the more RAM you add to controller and RDS the more fun you get.
Software and licenses
for a XenDesktop / XenApp 7x deployment

    Windows licenses: 3x Server 2012R2 (or 2012, 2008R2), any Windows Workstation OS
    if you want to use MCS (machine creation services) or PVS (provisioning services) you have to use Microsoft KMS (key management server)
    Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop 7.6 (demo licenses from available: Downloads / XenDesktop / Evaluations and trial software for 99 users and 99 days)
    all software you want to run on top of  your workstation / RDS server
    NetScaler VPX (Downloads / NetScaler ADC / Evaluations and trial software)

for a XenApp 6.x environment

XenApp 6.5 is near to end of life, so keep away from it if you are new to Citrix!

    Windows licenses 2x Server 2008R2
    Citrix XenApp 6.x (no more trials available)
    NetScaler VPX (Downloads / NetScaler ADC / Evaluations and trial software)

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