Search Engine and Free Traffic to My Aliplugin Affiliate Websites.

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I have Aliexpress affiliate website where I am getting most of my traffic from Search.


The sites have been around for about 45 days.  

I have placed links on Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram for traffic. And, I have completed the Google Analytics and Google Console.

I submitted the websites to other search engines a few days ago.

I placed the sites on Hotjar, the free version.

I am looking to get more "free" traffic!

I was told that it is best to let the website's index in Google for about six months.

I am going to send out press releases.  

I need some good ideas for more traffic. Can you help me?  I am a newbie.  Thanks in advance.

***Note I tried to put one of my Affiliate Website on Outbrain. I was told that my websites are not a good fit for their Native Ad.***
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You have content but it is not UNIQUE content so you have to compete with everyone else that uses aliexpress concepts.  A huge percentage of your site will be identical to other sites that the authors have the same idea. (there will be thousands if not millions)

The last time I visited your site (2-3 days ago) when I tried your purchase experience it put me right onto aliexpress.. so in the future why would I not just go to aliexpress and bypass an intermediary ?
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I will just have to complete the blog experience.

OK, I understand. Thanks.
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As David said above, you have no content.

Build content around every product + then run paid traffic to your content, using Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, Taboola, Google Ads, etc...

Also, keep in mind, likely best to setup an entirely different Website for your content as natural traffic + paid traffic both tend to be antagonistic toward e-commerce sites.

Setup another completely different site for your content, then on your content site talk about practical applications of various products you're selling + link to your e-commerce site.

Keep in mind, generating online income is simple, all that's required is consistent effort, every day, forever.

Online income is a marathon, rather than a sprint.
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@DavidFavor and @DavidJohnson I am coming to find out that I have a very long and forever journey ahead of me with my Websites.  

Yes, I am finding that my website is the enemy online with PPC as I have been turned down for uniqueness. OMG. A lesson learned.

I wanted to give up but, I see that every day there is a change in the first website.  So, I started another one since the license says 5 websites.

I've gotten some excellent advice from the experts that I am implementing as I speak.  And, I appreciate the honest to goodness truth. That is all! Thanks.

I have done a great deal of reading online where they say if you do not see any change give up and start something else. DUE


Have a great day Experts and Experts Exchange!
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Build content around every product + then run paid traffic to your content, using Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, Taboola, Google Ads, etc..

I love this idea.  OMG!

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