Pi3 incompatible with Jessie -- only works on Stretch?

Francois Koutchouk
Francois Koutchouk used Ask the Experts™
Brand new Raspberry Pi3 does not boot with Raspbian Jessie but will boot with Raspbian Stretch.  
All I get is the red light on the Pi -- not reading the microSD.
Reformatting and burning Stretch on the the same microSD card boots.
Is the Pi3 bad -- what is going on?
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why do you want to use the older O/S and not the latest version of raspbian?


Two reasons:  
1) several other units with Pi Zero W and older versions of Pi3 in the field run Jessie -- bad idea to have different versions from a standardization and support perspective
2) this Pi3 -- or perhaps Stretch won't work with UART (I entered another question about that).
So, ah, back to my question, why would this brand new Pi3 not run Jessie?
According to the Adafruit Forum admin the Pi 3 B+ will only work with Stretch -- not older versions of Raspbian like Jessie.

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