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Cannot log in to Dell OpenManage

After a fresh install of  Server Administrator Openmanage I cannot log in.  I've tried the server name and the IP address.  I tried Administrator and the password.  I tried domain\admnistrator.  They all fail.

What needs to be done?
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Andrew Leniart
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I recall striking struck this same problem while setting up a Dell server I purchased for a company a few years ago and couldn't find a fix. The solution at the time (figured out by Dell Support) was that a BIOS update needed to be installed. Didn't make sense to me at the time but that's what fixed it on that occasion.
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Probably not the case.  The server is a Hyper-V
Probably not the case.  The server is a Hyper-V
Hope you don't mind my adding a couple of topics (Hyper-V and Virtualization) to your questions topic list to make it more visible to anyone that might be able to help. The BIOS update didn't make sense to me on the physical server I was working on at the time either. Dell support did connect to the server remotely, but I was watching what they were doing like a hawk and they didn't install or change anything else. Go figure.
Sure. Thank you
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What is your usecase for OpenManageServerAdministrator?

Most of the functions should be implemented in recent iDRAC versions.

If you want central management, you may look at OpenManageEssentials (runs on a windows management server, browser plugins needed) or the new OpenManageEnterprise (you can get it as OVA Appliance, has a HTML5 interface)

You can get OpenManageEssentials/Enterprise from the driver download page at, the official landing pages want an additional registration for download.
I had to contact Dell. The issue was openmanage had to be installed on the host computer first
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Sebastian Talmon
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