how to setup 2 domains on 2 separate Domain Controllers within same subnet?

Firdausi Imam
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I'm looking to implement two domains on two separate DC's within same subnet. One will be forest domain and the other will be a child domain. For eg. Domain "" will be forest domain with ip "" on DC "A" and domain "test.local" will be a child domain (of forest domain ""), with ip "" on DC "B".

What's the best way to set this up with respective DNS lookup settings, so that servers in domain can be resolved in DNS of domain test.local on DC "B" and similarly servers in domain test.local can resolve in the DNS of domain in DC "A" .
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when you say child domain, it is like is root and will be child domain

What you have mentioned is two tree domains, one is forest root domain and other is tree root domain

The 1st domain you install, it will be treated as root domain
The 2nd domain you install will be considered as tree root domain

I assumed that this is for lab setup, its Ok to install it on single single server
If its production setup, you need at least two servers for each domain

1st create forest root domain
then point another server to forest root domain and then create another tree root domain on that server
after that, create conditional forwarder on both servers pointing to each others domain, that way name resolution will work

Google how to create conditional forwarders in AD environment
Firdausi ImamSr. Systems Consultant


Thanks Mahesh!

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