Can I get away with this Flash version of Star Wars 8?

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I'd like to do a vid of some of my expectations for the Last Jedi Star Wars episode 8, and why it was a cluster-dunk and what I would have done.
I will do it in Anime, no pics of Daisy, Adam or John, just Hand Drawn Anime similarity. Macromedia Flash

Will Ryan Johnson and his Disney legal hydralisks track me down and redecorate my house with my intestines?
They sued a day care for having postings that looked similar to Tigger and Eyore for $1000,000 (Mike Meyers, Dr. Evil, ahem)
If I change Luke Skywalker to Matthew Herbertson and Ben Kenobi to Bill Genobili?
I read that a cartoon character can be copyrighted, and I'm certain that Disney has copyrighted a 25 year old girl wearing tattered cloth rags, with 3 hair circles on the back of her head - Rey.
Is there any way to do my own version of the story without being murdered, legally? I read that you can not copyright a story.

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You need to talk to a copyright lawyer to get a definite answer.  Even then, "definite" is a gray area when going up against a company with millions of dollars and a staff of full-time lawyers.  Your lawyer may think you could win in court, but big money can drag it out, on and on, and bankrupt you.

Best to not annoy the tiger in his lair.
ROFL :-))
I really like your style of writing, thumbs up. I don't think you're getting tracked down by those people if you just (over)-draw your own self made Star Wars story...
Maybe some of these links might help as well:

Good luck & please keep us up to date ;-)
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Other important item. Purchase Legal Shield coverage.

This is a legal coverage insurance pool.

Can't tell you the number of times I've been sued. Each time I just have to sit down + have a laugh.


With Legal Shield coverage you can usually bankrupt the person/company suing you. With Disney, unlikely you can bankrupt them + you can make their suit so costly, they'll run the other way.

Last person who sued me. First month's cost was... $26/month for me + $42,000/month for person suing me.

You can see how fast suits will be dropped when you can go forever a near $0/month + other side has to pay $1000s/day.

You can Skype me + I'll walk through how I handle lawsuits.

Fairly simple + much easier to walk through by voice.
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David FavorFractional CTO
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I was just thinking about the exec standing up in a meeting trying to explain why they spent $100,000s suing someone for some reason.

Makes no difference why.

I'm just guess the exec responsible for something like this would likely lose their yearly bonus + potentially their job. :)
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Thanks everyone
beavoidSelf Employed


Thanks David.
I will call you as soon as I have a rough demo of my style of my film style to discuss violations and such. My characters won't look exactly like Rey, Luke, Kylo or anything. My vocal imitations might suck. I'll ask the dude next door and my bro, sisters and mom and dad to help

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