Exchange logs increased to shut down Exchange

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Exchange 2010 E:\ filled up overnight (On premise solution)

Any ideas on how best to investigate why logs increased

I had to increase E:\ by 30GB to offset it, all functionality went
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AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

Have your rebooted the server, when disks fill up databases dismount.

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Issue possibilities:
When you trigger full back of exchange databases, it actually flush committed logs post successful backup, if backup fails for any reason, it cannot flush logs
Even if backup clears logs and if still log drive is getting full, it means your mail count is much more than expected / or got increased and consider increasing log drive size to match current log increase
one option temporary could be until you increase log drive size, enable circular logging on DB which will rollover committed logs and keep log drive free space in limit, this option is not recommended as if you need to restore DB anytime, you will not get complete logs to replay with and data loss may occurs
One more possibility could be, you may have multiple databases and logs stored on single drive, if it does, you should separate them and keep one db and log per drive, you need to attach more drives on server for this
Server engineer
Do not purge any log files now if you want to investigate log files growth.

I would suggest to to follow articles-

and see why the log files are growing rapidly. There could be many reasons for log files growth. See for all database what is the log files growth rate I mean in 1 min how many log files generate i.e. more then 50 then there is a problem.


Turns out to be exchange files generated by a mobile phone investigating futher
PaulPrincipal Engineer

Do you backup the Exchange DB, if yes what backup solution you use?

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