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transfer the Domain Based DFS from one server to another server on the same domain

How to transfer the Domain Based DFS from one server to another server on the same domain. The share drives are on the NETAPP storage.
StorageWindows Server 2016* Distributed File System (DFS)

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8/22/2022 - Mon

Can you be more specific, is this a file server or a domain controller?

Do you have a new server built? Just pre-stage the data using robocopy and then flip the DFS over to the new server.

add new server as DFS name space server on existing DFS name space server
let dfs replicate all folder targets \ links on new name space server as well, ideally you should have two name space servers for redundancy
After that remove old dfs server from name space tab under DFS console
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Mahesh, when I try to add the namespace server below error occurs.

\\domain.com\namespace: The namespace server \\newserver\namespace cannot be added. The system cannot find the file specified
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You can try below
Install dfs name space role on new server
Then connect to existing dfs name space from that server and then try to add local server as name space
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Mahesh, the same error. I have added the namespace via "Add the namespace to display", but it is not letting me to add the namespace server.

R u using domain admins account?
Check on each dc in site if you can able to locate dfs namespace under domain.com/system container
For that you need to enable advanced features under view in ADUC
If here you don't see it, it means ad have some replication / name resolution issues
Check ad health by running dcdiag /v from elevated cmd on dc
If no problems found then
From dfs server check if you can connect to that server computer management?
If it not able to connect then some issue with server firewall, u can turn off firewall
If still not resolved, then try to disjoin and rejoin server to domain
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Namespaces servers are added. All the shared folders are on Synology drive mounted, which I want to dismount from the old server and will mount to the new one. What would be the possible issues?

Can I import and export the shared folders settings.

The shared folders are located on both servers
You don't need to remove them from 1st server
They are not properly of server
Under dfs console navigate namespace server tab and remove old server from name space server tab
After that check if you are able to access name space
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Mahesh, the shared folders are on the Synology, detaching it from the old server and attaching it to the new DFS server will it cause any permission issue?
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Why you want to detach dfs targets from old server
Dfs targets are not server based, they are domain based
Permissions are placed on Synology
Dfs targets only shared drive short cuts
Simply remove old server from dfs name space tab and you will be done
It will automatically remove server from dfs targets
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Hi Matesh,

Means removing old server will not make any impact on accessing method that is \\domain.com\share} and on z drive share in in AD users profile.

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