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Cnc Machine for Pcb


I need to make some printed circuit boards, can anyone suggest a cnc machine up to 1 000 /1 200 € / $.
Is to make 10 to 15 per month.

best regards
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Dr. Klahn

I agree with d-glitch's comment above.  For small quantities of boards it makes no sense to buy equipment to make them.  You have to buy copper-clad that is more expensive than a finished PCB, for starters.  Then for the etching process you must deal with noxious chemicals, have either a process camera or use special high-density toner to make masks.  And for the milling process you end up with a board that may work, but looks like what it is ... a one-off custom that is just barely good enough for a prototype.

I deal with AllPCB and their price for small quantities of boards is very reasonable.  They do boards 2500 mm^2 or smaller, quantity 5, for $10 with free shipping and 24 hour lead time.  It would take a long time and a lot of boards to break even on a $1000 PCB mill at that price.  With about four day turnaround for larger orders, they can supply anything but an emergency.  And as d-glitch says, if a quantity of PCBs is required, it is rarely an emergency situation.
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For now i think is the best choice.