Auth0 + JWT + NodeJS + Express End-user authentication (Login)

Cristian Tala Sánchez
Cristian Tala Sánchez used Ask the Experts™
Has been almost a year that I switch to Auth0 in order to manage my customer's access to the dashboard of my application. Nowadays I need to implement access for a RESTFULL API.

If I follow the instructions in order to secure the NodeJS app using JWT it works like a charm. The issue is that I am not properly sure on the implementation for the end user in order to get the token needed for access this API.

I thought of creating the tokens on the dashboard or just use a server side implementation for the login/authentication. I did the last using the access to my own database before and worker amazingly. My issue is that I am not completely sure on how to do it for the end user using Auth0.

Would be great if you can guide me in order to implement the login/authentication side of the API using auth0 and nodejs.
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David FavorFractional CTO
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So long as your connection is SSL/TLS wrapped, then you can create tokens any way you like + no one will be able to figure these out by just scrapping the line.

Just create a random 32 byte alpha-numeric code. I suggest sticking with alpha-numeric, so these strings are easy to cut + paste.

Remember, adding special characters provides no real security benefits. Real security comes from length of random string. The longer, the better.

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