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I need traffic to my website. I have started with Social Media, Submitting my sites to Search Engines.

Several years ago, I studied SEO but, I have found that things have changed so much as it pertains to traffic such as Meta Tag's submissions and PPC.

I am looking to building up my traffic up to my E-commerce Websites / Aliexpress Affiliate websites.

Can you help me to build my traffic to my websites and to build my SEO?  My sites are very new in the development stages. If possible I would like free or low costing options.

Thanks in advance Experts.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

This question comes up over and over again, and if you goofle search for " seo" you'll see any number of inquiries that cover more or less the same issue.

IMO, there is no longer any point in paying for SEO or even attempting it other than by very basic things you'd do anyway such as easy navigation and good content.  goofle and bing both have huge staffs of excellent programmers who are doing their absolute best to make sure that you cannot optimize their results to prefer your site.  And even if there was a guaranteed method that works this month, it won't next month after the next round of changes in their selection algorithm.

The only way to achieve high rankings on the search engines is to have (a) good, reliable content that is (b) popular as determined by the search engine seeing someone click through their listing and (c) linked to by other web sites with good reputations; those sites being sites that are not under your control.
Miss TechieTech Blogger


@Dr.Klahn I understand. Yes, I have gone through some of the stuff. I will continue to go through it.
Miss TechieTech Blogger


@Dr.Klahn I have gone through a lot of stuff about SEO and ranking websites. I am just finding that SEO is just a scam. I just want to make sure that I am not getting this wrong. The meta tags and everything else.

I just want the traffic. And, I want it now. Just listening to everyone talk about the SEO plans and SEO got me little hyped.

So, I am here to talk to the Experts to find the truth.

Everyone is so hard on placing links on Social Media, in forums, or even on some PPC.

I keep running into walls trying to get the traffic. Thanks.
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Principal Software Engineer
Unless you have the next "killer app" or are the only restaurant in your town, traffic builds slowly now.  You put up a good web site, you get a little traffic, the search engines start noticing click-throughs on their search pages.  Your rating rises a little.  More traffic, the search engines notice more click-throughs, your rating rises a little again.  And so on.

It will not happen fast.  Figure two years or so.

The idea of being in the "top 10" or "front page" of a search engine is only a dream for most sites unless you're paying for exposure -- and whether you're paying a dollar or a dime per click, paying for click ads on search engines is an expensive way to get exposure.  What's worse, since the search engine knows you're paying for that ad (after all, they sold it to you) those clicks are not as helpful as regular search hits.
Miss TechieTech Blogger


Wow! 2 years. Lol. Not get rich scheme. Just waiting.  Well, I started my website development and journey several years ago. Then, I decided to forgo the job. If I had continued my quest years ago, I would be doing very good today with aged domain and trust built up.

I know that people are very cautious nowadays with their online experience and shopping.

I think I fainted today after reading your post.  I am out of work and in need of extra income.  

I was hoping for traffic secrets.  I am settling in for the long haul.  

Looks like I have to barrel in to make this journey.  Thanks for the help and knowledge.

I say "Do at least one thing a day."  And, ask questions from the Experts.  I am slowing coming around. Thanks.
Miss TechieTech Blogger


Dr. Klahn was very helpful and patient in helping me to see the light in my web presence development.

I even though of starting an SEO company. What a scam!

I have learned a perfect thing I must say with my learning in this first 60 days, and that is indexing my website quickly with the Sitemap submissions. The overall development of the site could be precious for me in the long run.

I am putting my Computer Science degree to use at least. Also, putting my MBA to use, finally.

The best thing about creating websites is that they are very easy to do but, the management of them can be demanding.

I will maybe hire a virtual assistant to help me to keep up with them as I know as the Experts have told me that making money online is very simple with due diligence and hard work.

I am happy with the advice that I am receiving here. Have a great day!

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