Error while copying flash image to TFTP server

Søren Sjøstrøm
Søren Sjøstrøm used Ask the Experts™
I'm having trouble copying a software image from my Cisco ASA5520 firewall to my TFTP server. I can copy running config without problems, but when I try with the command "copy flash tftp: //" I get the error message "Error reading disk0: / (Permission denied) ".
What am I doing wrong?
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Senior Infrastructure Analyst
I'm assuming where you're trying to put it, it's using the username and password from the switch to pass it through to the TFTP server. You can use other methods to achieve this

Full guide there on how to do it.
Søren SjøstrømIT-Administrator/CEO


The commands "copy disk0: /asdm-623.bin tftp: //" and "copy disk0: /asa821-k8.bin tftp: //" work fine . I do not know why the "copy flash" command does not work.
I faced an issue TFTP server timed out while trying to download the configuration file. I found your post when searching regarding DNS. But once I faced the issue regarding TFTP so I just stay here to your post, which works for me. I also tried DNS server not responding windows 10 for my issue, from where I grabbed many updates.

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